The App Aims to :
Social mobilisation for public intervention via social critics using tools of daily consumption.
Providing an alternative way of data flow ables the public to make decisions about their consumptions. On the other hand, aligning environmental data with Information economics by providing these data to the public in everyday shopping.
How to do that without shaming the individuals of their consumption?
and creating a platform where raising awareness and take action could be possible.
ENVIRONMENTAL changes as a result of capitalist consumerism, mass production and to a certain extent globalisation in its mass exportation and importation of goods.
Not only cars or your flights are devastating the planet but many other products, and many of them are essential to our existence.
Rules that running market economy like ( Supply and demand, Market control economy, taxations cuts ) are mainly the problem . and definitely somebody out there trying to make CAPITALISIM work with more legislations.


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