August 2019, " Installation," collaborating with Filipa Ceaser and Ali Yass. After reading the text about Cabral, which Filipa wrote, I had to translate this text into a map or installation. The project has managed to make me navigate through the idea of agriculture and food distribution. It also introduced me to Cabral, the Scientist "Agronomist" artist, as I knew only Cabral the freedom Fighter.
In two months, we have read Cabral, ending up mapping Cabral , his Biography  and his philosophy, how the Soil provided him with the knowledge to dismantle the colonial System?.
Cabral as a poet and Agronomist, here the most memorable part of the text " Amilcar Cabral One of his last official acts as a state agronomist is to propose sugar beet plantations in Portugal; offering, given the increasing European demand and consumption of sugar, a profitable national option to overcome the exploitation of sugarcane in its tropical overseas territories. " Filipa wrote.
The installation space held different talks, workshops, and discussions about environment , agriculture and Activism.
The work Acrylic on the Floor 13 Square meter 


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