Objects of Austerity is a research project mapping the objects of resistance against the international monetary system and its failure.
From 2011 to 2019, the world was boiling anger and fear from the unfulfilled promises of globalization. The prosperity, growth, and bread for everyone turned fraud slogans dividing the globe into worlds and societies climbing and falling from the ladder of globalization. The objects you see in this installation are low-tech revolutionary objects used in specific geographies against the austerity imposed on them by the world Monterey system. The sounds are when those objects meet their purpose. The Virtual ( AR) is how trained economic gazes look upon those geographies—breaking those elements into pieces to untie the entanglement between the abstract (economy) and the real(life).
Mixed medium
Typography: I used my Typeface Samat in dialogue with Bodoni Type face (symbolizing the possible dialogue between the oriental past and the conflict present )
Augmented reality: used to visualize some financial data abstractly. 
Curator : Mycological Twist - kreuzberg  pavillon.
Photos by : Fred Dott


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