Collaboration with Weissensee Students  Mariama Sow , Dewally Riza ,  Dachil Sado and Jan Robert ​​​​​​​
In the process of critical reflection of the archive, the project dismantles the contextualisation of certain pictures that are becoming part of the dominant narrative. By repeatedly seeing a picture of a young man jumping in the swimming pool in connection to articles and headlines talking about the criminal immigrant in swimming pools, there is a connection constructed that serves a racist ideology, that stereotypes the body of a constructed other. By reconstructing the picture from the archive in connection to the discourse around public spaces in Neukölln, the project attempt to unravel the narrative behind what we see and how we see, therefore experience public space. 
By combining computer-generated images and internet navigation experience in addition to sounds from tv reports we restated this narrative in a 4 mins video. The video is thereby reflecting the archive as a tool of power and violence, that is reproducing racist and colonial narratives of society. 
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