The Project is 3D Sculpting for an imaginary Platz in Berlin. Published
The historical narrative of black individuals not only constitutes a significant aspect of global history but also forms an integral part of Germany's own history. While the removal of statues and memorials commemorating colonial legacies may be a necessary step, it is imperative to go further and reclaim public spaces to accurately represent the lived experiences of those who endured the brunt of racism and colonialism in their bodies. Despite the immense pain and suffering they endured, these individuals have contributed invaluable knowledge to our collective understanding. In this context, the present work seeks to establish an imagined space dedicated to honoring Theodor Wonja Michael (15 January 1925 – 19 October 2019), a prominent figure in black German history. Michael, a black German journalist and actor, endured the harrowing ordeal of living as a prisoner in Nazi forced labor camps during World War II. His remarkable life and experiences serve as a testament to the resilience and strength of those who faced oppression and adversity, and the project endeavors to provide recognition and visibility to his significant contributions.
Medium: 3D
Tools: Blender 
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